Bodybuilder Frank Zane - Mr Olympia posing

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Pro Bodybuilding legend and three time Mr Olympia poses, wins the contest, accepts his trophy and shakes the hand of Arnold Schwarzenegger - celebrating a job well done.

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I saw Zane in person in 1988, and as impressive as he is on film, awesome in person! Absolutely flawless was my opinion.

by wht4bigblk (6 years ago)
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Zane, who turns 70 next June, will forever remain the bodybuilder's bodybuilder--one whose lean and deftly sculpted physique was always shown to perfect advantage by the sheer elegance of his posing. Even those who have never seen this tape would be awed and inspired by his lifelong--and ongoing--ahievements, both as a man and athlete. Just Google him & start reading!

by xychromo (6 years ago)
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by picudopr (7 years ago)