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Von talks a little about growing up, bodybuilding and doing porn .... its a little boring but still interesting to hear what he has to say

mayena Avatar

Tennessean bodybuilder Matt Davis.

by mayena (2 years ago)

I dont see what the big deal is really.

by (2 years ago)
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dancer34 Avatar


by dancer34 (6 years ago)
muzzles Avatar

can just hear him with that fubneral music trilling away behind him... beautiful m,an tho...how about subtitles?

by muzzles (7 years ago)
miltonm2 Avatar

I sure wish I could hear this. The is the ONLY video where I cannot get any sound other than some weird music. I have tried both players and thru other browsers and that's all I get.

by miltonm2 (7 years ago)
tonedom1 Avatar

Damn. I thought he was a real dud too, until I saw his other videos here. After getting off, this man could talk about himself forever. He is just one of the most masculine heartaches posted on here.

by tonedom1 (7 years ago)
muscleman89 Avatar

@milton... hmm, thats weird. The only other thing I could suggest is try clearing your browsing history... sometimes videos here act up when your browsing history gets too full

by muscleman89 (7 years ago)
miltonm3 Avatar

Tried it in mozilla firefox...same result. No voice just creepy music.

by miltonm3 (7 years ago)
miltonm2 Avatar

Nope..still nothing. I have the volume all the way and all I hear is music. Every other video plays fine. Just can't hear yours.

by miltonm2 (7 years ago)
misterunivers Avatar

boring , ok ... but if u wanna have good time with that kind of hunk, listen them... than, suck them ;-)

he's got a sexy voice

by misterunivers (7 years ago)