Big Eddie Monster Back

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ohyeabro Avatar

showoff in trunks bro

by ohyeabro (6 years ago)
CandyKane1 Avatar

Would you deface the Mona Lisa? Of course not. So why would someone who works that hard on his body deface it with numerous tattoos?

by CandyKane1 (6 years ago)
xled Avatar

he used to be muscleeddie on xtube and youtube a long time ago. He did some weird burping videos etc,,, but somehow always hot! lol
He seems to have grown a lot...

by xled (6 years ago)
suppawitp Avatar

Who is he?

by suppawitp (6 years ago)
wimington819 Avatar

So does he live close to Ohio and does he have power to show?

by wimington819 (6 years ago)
MuscleYogi Avatar

What is his full name?

by MuscleYogi (6 years ago)
lilloo1982 Avatar

OMG!!!! Where's this vid from?? Are there more of this hunk???

by lilloo1982 (6 years ago)
nickel Avatar

Yes, doesn't look real to me. If you look close you'll notice the background slightly warping around his silhouette as he moves.

by nickel (6 years ago)
paintermen Avatar

Show at least you ass...

by paintermen (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

Great to look at but this does go on a bit too long and does it look "Morphed" to any else?

by gappythree (6 years ago)