Big Naked Muscle Worship

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Big Naked Muscle Worship

nice hunks....muscle guys,topppsss

by (2 months ago)
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JockWalt Avatar

Philippe Foussard

by JockWalt (10 months ago)

Helllllll yeah!!!!

by (11 months ago)
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schs1977 Avatar

Dude is good looking, well built and well hung

by schs1977 (1 year ago)
Lukastud Avatar

Steroids all the way! Shall we complaint? eh no! lol

by Lukastud (1 year ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Perfect lesson i male anatomy He's got the most beautiful torso (even better than them old Greek gods) Adore the sweep of his powerful thighs (dick should be erect, though)

by glorious9er (2 years ago)
muscledudemail Avatar

yeah, it was posted before, unbelievable muscle monster, love him! his body got so freaking huge -same as his amazing ass-, his head looks tiny! wooff!!! i want my body to look like his!

by muscledudemail (3 years ago)
flex4meMuscles Avatar

I am in lust

by flex4meMuscles (3 years ago)
jamieh1974 Avatar

it was posted a few months ago and I think it listed the name on that - a french chap

by jamieh1974 (3 years ago)
jimmy2 Avatar

amazingly sexy show. he loves it. who is he?

by jimmy2 (3 years ago)