Jake McLennen Hour

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a full hour with musclemeister jake on webcam. jake is from, if i am not mistaken, winnipeg canada. and he knows what he's got to offer. yes, a full hour with mr mclennen would be a dream come true.

leesmusclemen Avatar

very nice big guy

by leesmusclemen (2 months ago)
akos Avatar

hi my fucker bull man like long cum show?

by akos (2 years ago)


by (2 years ago)
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muzzles Avatar

I would love to get hammered/shitfaced/ with jake and I would buy all the drinks just smell that manbody and listen to that sexy voice,and have him hammer me afterwards:)

by muzzles (5 years ago)
luvmuscl Avatar

He means they got drunk. Mmmm, I' d like to get him drunk!

by luvmuscl (5 years ago)
Optimistic Avatar

What does he mean with the phrase "we got hammered" at 07:57?

by Optimistic (5 years ago)

I wouldn't mind being bullied by Jake one bit!

by (5 years ago)
muscleasian Avatar

cock teaser

by muscleasian (5 years ago)