Jake McLennen Hour

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a full hour with musclemeister jake on webcam. jake is from, if i am not mistaken, winnipeg canada. and he knows what he's got to offer. yes, a full hour with mr mclennen would be a dream come true.

akos Avatar

hi my fucker bull man like long cum show?

by akos (1 year ago)


by (2 years ago)
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muzzles Avatar

I would love to get hammered/shitfaced/ with jake and I would buy all the drinks just smell that manbody and listen to that sexy voice,and have him hammer me afterwards:)

by muzzles (5 years ago)
luvmuscl Avatar

He means they got drunk. Mmmm, I' d like to get him drunk!

by luvmuscl (5 years ago)
Optimistic Avatar

What does he mean with the phrase "we got hammered" at 07:57?

by Optimistic (5 years ago)

I wouldn't mind being bullied by Jake one bit!

by (5 years ago)
muscleasian Avatar

cock teaser

by muscleasian (5 years ago)