Nip sucking scene

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more of Joey Jordan's delicious tits <br />

realish786 Avatar

wow man, this is so fkn awesome!! I really love muscle;s just such a beautiful, wholesome way for two blokes to show their appreciation and admiration of one another. I'm heaps excited for when I'll have a fully sikk mate to do this with after we go hard at the gym and then hang out and admire each other's massive muscle gains #Bros4Life

by realish786 (3 weeks ago)

My favorite part was when Marc started banging on Joey's chest. So hot.

by (2 years ago)
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ilovepecs7862 Avatar

both guys are hot.I want to join them!!

by ilovepecs7862 (2 years ago)
billykeith Avatar

i love watching the hottest man ever GET OFF on someone-elses Pleantiful PECS !!

by billykeith (3 years ago)
ydt81 Avatar

Joey Jordan owns the patent to pec bouncing. period.
This is an old vid (duh); Mike Rios has the smaller pecs here but currently has a set of muscle tits that put even Joey's to shame

by ydt81 (4 years ago)
lovechest Avatar

wow what a hot nips ,

by lovechest (4 years ago)
flex4meMuscles Avatar

Nice to see a man who knows how to enjoy a good set of pecs

by flex4meMuscles (4 years ago)
revli55 Avatar

Mike Rios makes my dick as hard as hard as a rock. He has just about the best muscle tits around.

by revli55 (4 years ago)

Imagine those breast produce high-quality man milk. And Mike Rios has really developed such capability. it's real male tit fetish.

by GALILEE (4 years ago)
Pexlover Avatar

I wonder if they got as hard and drippy as I am?

by Pexlover (4 years ago)