Talvin & Rocky - Muscle Worship

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Luscious Latin muscleboy Talvin Demachio and Rocky enjoying each other's muscles... and company.

Instant hard-on! Talvin knows how to worship a beautiful male body and the chap with the highlighted hair is just that: HANDSOME, BIG pecs, GORGEOUS nipples. Talvin proves himself as a lover. GO< Talvin!

by (3 months ago)
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LuvLuvG Avatar

I wish there was a Download button.

by LuvLuvG (2 years ago)

i love his nipple.talvin nipple ummm yummy

by (3 years ago)
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PiretRhapsodos Avatar

Now this is done better than the one where that natty twink be lickin' this Italian stud.

by PiretRhapsodos (4 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Sizzling hot !!! Yeah !

by glorious9er (5 years ago)
Devyn Avatar

Amazing pecs-nice nips.

by Devyn (6 years ago)
pecsandbis Avatar

talk about amazing pecs and worship

by pecsandbis (6 years ago)
StevenT1 Avatar

and then what happens... ?

by StevenT1 (6 years ago)
mayena Avatar

His father is European-American and his mother is from Trinidad.

by mayena (6 years ago)

Mmmm, I love this video so much. These guys know how to appreciate a male body.

by (6 years ago)