Sergi Constance posing

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Sergi Constance posing in Palm Springs in July of 2012<br /> <br /><br /> <br /> FACEBOOK:

bbwannab Avatar

I will be in PS at the end of this month...hope he is still there! :)

by bbwannab (6 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

I want to see Sergi in a couple of years time when he has put on a few pounds..... then I know i will Dribble and Droool all over the place!

by gappythree (6 years ago)
Martin Avatar

Most gay resorts don't have kids in the pool StevenT1...

by Martin (6 years ago)
StevenT1 Avatar

Palm Springs, eh? I presume that's the pool at a GAY resort then?

by StevenT1 (6 years ago)
sidroik Avatar

can you imagine going out for a swim at the hotel pool and seeing HIM ?

by sidroik (6 years ago)