Major Gunz Bulge

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Major Gunz with a big bulge on the bed

mim Avatar

Big bulges are just super hot.

by mim (4 months ago)
rickur Avatar

he needs to bareback some hot straight studs

by rickur (1 year ago)
devolver Avatar

Needs to change his name to Major Cock instead.

by devolver (1 year ago)

I would do anything he asked of me, no question s asked.

by (2 years ago)
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zilcher1 Avatar

StraightMuscleGuys? No way! He's hardening his cock by doing stomach crunches and keeping it hard worshiping his muscles……..this is a gay man, and a lovely one at that.

by zilcher1 (2 years ago)
Flaguy_007 Avatar

Is that a sock in there??

by Flaguy_007 (2 years ago)
Anonymous Avatar

What I like about these bulge videos is that the guy goes from soft to hard in his thong. He gets harder, and harder, and harder and he doesn't even have to touch it. Whether they're naked with another dude or in their thong, I really like watching the guys get harder and harder without even having to touch it.

by Anonymous (2 years ago)

What a pity, we cannot download it...!

by (3 years ago)
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italianrugby Avatar

almost perfect guy

by italianrugby (3 years ago)
joe2stud Avatar

no relief ):

by joe2stud (3 years ago)