Naked squats

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Hot BB squats sans shorts. Amazing glutes.

gremlin8 Avatar

Words fail me -- it is that good !

by gremlin8 (2 years ago)
disco94 Avatar

Nice Hole!!!

by disco94 (2 years ago)

definetely HOT!!

by (2 years ago)
ilpaschino Avatar


by ilpaschino (3 years ago)
PecSeduction Avatar

Thanks also Bruce!! i cum everytime i watch this video also,, total bottom here,but love to look at a muscular butt... such a turn on!

by PecSeduction (4 years ago)
voy4u2 Avatar

Thanks Bruce, you've made me cum again!

by voy4u2 (4 years ago)
iwms49 Avatar

I would love to see Markus Ruhl doing this!!!!!!!!!

by iwms49 (4 years ago)
ArmwrestlerJim Avatar

This might be the hottest vid EVER

by ArmwrestlerJim (5 years ago)
glorious9er Avatar

Way to go I.e. the only way to do squats We admirers want to see all the muscle inc the whole glutes

by glorious9er (5 years ago)
Samson_02115 Avatar

Yeah, I have to agree with xychromo. Why are so called "Str8" men complaining about a beautiful handsome built man with a big dick. You haters don't belong on this website if you do not like muscle. Come on people. Grow a set of balls, and shut the fuck up, if you do not have anything good to say. I happen to love Bruce. He's a geat guy, business man, father, and husband.

by Samson_02115 (5 years ago)