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He doesn't do much but it is nice to look at.

Whoa. IFBB pro Nick Trigili!

by (8 months ago)
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What Nick actually does (and doesn't) do is currently under discussion on MuscleService (per March 20, 2016):

by (1 year ago)
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muscledudemail Avatar

hes fakking asleep, but i dont fucking care, he is so fucking gorgeus that i just wanna jack off watching his mangnificient muscles, hes just an object to my eyes

by muscledudemail (1 year ago)

bprobie5 please allow downloading option on for us bro

by CHARLIEHEC (2 years ago)

Like I wanna watch a Heroin user nodding off.

by (2 years ago)
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tyler33x Avatar

At 3:29 he actually dozes off!

by tyler33x (3 years ago)

Who the *uck wants to see someone jsut sit there and do nothing?

by (3 years ago)
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standard Avatar

looks amazing!

by standard (3 years ago)
boyd3 Avatar

absolutely boring, i don't care how handsome he is. bud

by boyd3 (3 years ago)

I can't stop beating off looking at this.

by (3 years ago)
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