The next step in human evolution: SUPERMAN

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Giant Bodybuilder with a hard-on of steel pulls it out and jerks it off. This hunk is out of this world!<br /> <br /> See the full video now at Muscle Worship.

dancer34 Avatar


by dancer34 (4 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

THankyou BlueDevilH. THis must be THE raunchiest of clips from Muscle Worship. Normally I hate the use of too much oil but this time is was PERFECT!!!

by gappythree (4 years ago)
muscle44 Avatar

I just love this guy. He is so confident and a little bit of a cocky, proud stud. ...with a cock that stands tall victorious.

by muscle44 (5 years ago)
bork2 Avatar

hottest flex, nut busting, muscle worship vid ever made..the posing trunks are custom made for his big cock and balls too GRRRRRRRRRR

by bork2 (5 years ago)
jamieh1974 Avatar

charles mario I believe - as it says in the tags

by jamieh1974 (5 years ago)
MrPresident2 Avatar

HOT! What's his name?

by MrPresident2 (5 years ago)
azziplana Avatar

love it

by azziplana (5 years ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

HUGE FUCKER.......... perfection!

by MuscleDave2007 (5 years ago)