Billy Herrington Muscle Wrestling

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Muscle God bodybuilder Billy Herrington (wrestling as Billy Marcus) dominates the smaller JT Sloane in this clip from Can-Am. The two wrestle in ultra skin tight blue tights, as Billy mostly dominates Sloane. As the two wrestle, their tights manage to get pulled down in the rear, showcasing the two stud's gorgeous ASSets. Billy eventually wrings a submission out of Sloane at the end of the clip with an excruciating camel clutch.

Hellcatedy Avatar

The hot and horny destruction by muscle hunk Billy Herrington is the stuff of beat off sessions.

by Hellcatedy (3 years ago)
d033 Avatar

Post the rest!

by d033 (4 years ago)
devolver Avatar

This was just the first round They wrestle nude in the second and it ends with a nude muscle worship session and blowjob/jerkoff. May post more from it later.

by devolver (4 years ago)
jimmyhankjr2 Avatar

I'd prefer to see them fuck. Do they later in the original video?

by jimmyhankjr2 (4 years ago)
albatross0183 Avatar

I LOVE the muscle worship portion of this video where Sloane gets to lick and grope Billy's hot bod and suck his hot cock. So fucking hot!

by albatross0183 (4 years ago)