Vin Marco Nate Christianson Cam Show

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feelin and jackin each other off too

musclebawdy Avatar

These guys look like they're having the best time. Just laughing and joking around while they pose and flex their muscles ... it's fun to watch.

by musclebawdy (1 year ago)

"boy was I drunk last night, I don't remember a thing"

by (1 year ago)
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taylordain88 Avatar

So hot and so funny. These guys work great together.

by taylordain88 (1 year ago)

WOW!! First time I've seen Vin do a soft naked male porn with another muscle hunk.Please post Part 2!!

by (2 years ago)
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rajtennis Avatar

I had no idea there was a cam show with these handsome men. I wish them success.

by rajtennis (2 years ago)
sidroik Avatar

Vin has the cock but Nate has the looks and the body that I crave.

by sidroik (4 years ago)
bigjeff Avatar

I'm ready for part II!

by bigjeff (4 years ago)
huetemann Avatar

Whoa, this is so totally hot. Waiting anxiously for part two. Thanks kensync.

by huetemann (4 years ago)
LAMuscleMassage Avatar

Limp dick buff dudes

by LAMuscleMassage (4 years ago)