Sexy Teen Photo-Shoot in Underwear

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In this new update, for this month I want to show by a small photo shoot, some of the progress I have recently obtained my body thanks to the days I spent in the gym training hard, truth is not an easy job because as I had mentioned in a previous video I can not consume any kind of protein supplements or multivitamins because I am making me an important treatment for my health, but do not worry it is not anything serious to prevent me from continuing my lifestyle , taking into account these drawbacks the challenge for me is much greater because the muscle that I get with my training is based only on the composition of my diet and since my body type is ecto-mesomorph, I had to make major changes in my diet to meet the physical needs that my body needs and so can respond to the physical work which is subjected at home training session and can recover the energetic and physical wear satisfactorily, allowing me to gain quality muscle mass in small quantities so but the challenge is hard but I am not discouraged, I will remain on with my gym work in a disciplined and I’m sure with the help of my nutritionist and sports professionals I can reach my goals.<br /> <br /> The video shows a photo session which is divided into three sections in which I am a very casual, the next I am fun, relaxed and at last I am very sexy in underwear posing and flexing my body, it is important that all you can see photos of artistic and elegant way how athletic, defined and muscular from my body.<br /> If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions.<br /> <br /> Follow me on my Social Networks:<br /> <br /> Facebook:<br /> Twitter:<br /> Flickr:<br /> Pinterest:<br /> Google+:<br /> Blogger:<br /> Tumblr:<br /> <br /> Blessings, Successes, Peace, Love and Good Health.<br /> <br /> :)

lennienm Avatar

arms shoulders chest and abs all looked lean muscled and defined....very nice. Maybe my favorite outfit were the blue and white striped boxer briefs in the beginning....

by lennienm (3 years ago)