Sergi Constance videocam

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Spanish bodybuilder poses in his hotel room

rubbvigo Avatar

Como cambia el tiempo!!! Sergi. Me alegro que estes muchisimo mas grande :) un gran abrazo y a seguir creciendo para ser lo que quieres.. Manuel Jose

by rubbvigo (12 months ago)
girish Avatar


by girish (1 year ago)
cybercow Avatar

Sergei! You've gone so hip-hop! I go apeshit crazy when I see this drop dead gorgeous musclegod flexing. I think he's gotta be one of the hottest men ever to grace the planet. Kudos to him for going from fashion model to hard core physique champ. Does anyone know if he regularly does cam shows and how nude he gets? I might not be able to handle seeing him flexing nude. I think I'd go into convulsions or explode from uncontrollable lust.

by cybercow (1 year ago)
huetemann Avatar

Sergi is terribly terribly good looking.

by huetemann (3 years ago)