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Love him or hate him, Eddie endures. This clip from August shows him as he is today--in his prime at 48, 6' & 250 lb--and I'm posting it, obviously, to point out the extraordinary vascularity of his quads. For further info, check him out at [I seem to have under-recorded the sound on this clip, but it was just the TV playing in the background.]

mmafan27 Avatar

I don't know what the appeal is, to have a penis like that. I remember seeing his dick when I was 15 (hehe) and it looked so good, it was perfect between his muscular thighs, balls as well. Now it looks like some deformed thing lol. How the hell can he even have sex? He says he's only into women, but no women are into this sort of thing, how in the hell does he wear clothing, it just looks ridiculous now he ruined it.

by mmafan27 (6 months ago)
Houtakiboy Avatar


by Houtakiboy (7 months ago)
Pompeur57 Avatar

MMHHHH excellent

by Pompeur57 (7 months ago)

Kind of sad, all that... and neither 4 nor 14" will get through the gate of heaven, and may well send you elsewhere.

by (8 months ago)
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that man enjoys his body and his size, I say live it up and enjoy all the awesome sensations bodybuilding and dick pumping can give you.

by (12 months ago)
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phreddie Avatar

No more downloading for anybody! Party's over! (But so's this site, too...)

by phreddie (1 year ago)
nico86 Avatar


by nico86 (1 year ago)
dubbautee Avatar

SMDH. now what sane human being's gonna let him stick that in? he aint fittin to put in nothing but a horse or a cow not a human. yuck. that's gross seriously.

by dubbautee (1 year ago)
vdanker Avatar

This is truly grotesque. Why would any sane person choose to deform himself this way?

by vdanker (1 year ago)
indigeni Avatar

How can that be real?

by indigeni (1 year ago)