Jackson Gunn: Muscle Show

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Huge bodybuilder Jackson Gunn at perhaps his most shredded puts on a very hot show for Jimmy Z's bodybuilder jam. Jackson is dressed in a hot football attire, before stripping down to a bare assed thong. Jackson is very into it and absolutely loves having the crowd feel his huge flexed muscles!

dudujp Avatar

Jackson Gunn jave one the hottest beefy asses.I still would bury my face in that ass and eat him raw

by dudujp (3 months ago)
drake101 Avatar

Jackson Gunn !! HE GOT HOTTEST SUCKABLE NIPPLES EVER! move along Patrick Dunne!

by drake101 (1 year ago)
bibearfan Avatar

I prefer the off-season look ... always.

by bibearfan (1 year ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I guess the shredded look will appeal to many but this is the first time that Jackson Gunn leaves me cold.

by gremlin8 (1 year ago)

Does the cute bear at 16:45 lick his ass?

by (1 year ago)
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