Johnny Bravo Flex & Shower

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One of the biggest and most alpha masculine bodybuilder studs Johnny Bravo strips and flexes in a hotel room. Afterwards he takes a shower in his skimpy white posers and looks incredible as the water glistens on his 270lb muscle frame.

gremlin8 Avatar

My favourite clip of him.

by gremlin8 (2 weeks ago)
muscleman63 Avatar

Nice and big

by muscleman63 (5 months ago)
ray12210 Avatar

Straight Boy who doesn't give a peek.

by ray12210 (5 months ago)
devolver Avatar

Well that site doesn't do nudity so he couldn't have been nude even if he wanted to. He has however done nudity on webcams and he's definitely packing enough down there to not be embarrassed.

by devolver (5 months ago)

The only people who have a shower with their knickers on are in a nunnery.

by (5 months ago)
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mayena Avatar

Aka Dave Riley.

by mayena (5 months ago)

I love that sexy white thong on him!!

by (5 months ago)
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