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Posing, talking, and flexing

xychromo Avatar

This is Roman Vavrecan. (See comment on companion post.)

by xychromo (1 week ago)
mcgeemcgee Avatar

Mulder is that picture YOU?

by mcgeemcgee (2 weeks ago)
compan12 Avatar

A beautiful smile, I agree with you !

by compan12 (2 weeks ago)
musclewarrior Avatar

Amazing body and beautiful smile...

by musclewarrior (2 weeks ago)

what fantastic calves and the rest

by (2 weeks ago)
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Mulder Avatar

It is his good right not to want to show everything but then he should not stand naked! or?

by Mulder (2 weeks ago)

These models look like dorks standing there with their hand cupped over their goods. Either have them wear a thong or some such thing or, as they say, let it all hang out!!

by (2 weeks ago)
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