Rico Lopez Gomez poses for his muscle buddies...

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Anyone know what Rico's German muscle buddies are saying about Rico's huge muscle fueling balls?

dylan86 Avatar

Who are his muscle buddies?

by dylan86 (2 weeks ago)

im a fitness girl and would ask him to fight me. i would easily take him down by kicking him in that huge sack a few times

by (2 weeks ago)
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Mulder Avatar

His buddies say that it is not true that all bodybuilders have small cocks. You can see the evidence here. And they can hardly believe how huge Rico's bump is.
His Buddys are from HARDGAINER CREW

by Mulder (2 weeks ago)
Mulder Avatar

die Beule würde ihn beim Schwimmen auch viel zu sehr bremsen :)

by Mulder (2 weeks ago)
mmvcom Avatar

Er muss Bodybuilding machen. Wäre er ein Schwimmer, gäb es keine Badehosen, die das ganze Ding zusammenhalten.

by mmvcom (3 weeks ago)
rubbvigo Avatar


by rubbvigo (3 weeks ago)