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PornoStuff1 Avatar

Here are some of his jackoff videos: http://www.myvidster.com/search/?q=delgado&filter_by=myvidster

by PornoStuff1 (4 months ago)
tyler33x Avatar

You don't get jerk-offs on Muscle Gallery but has he done any somewhere else?

by tyler33x (4 months ago)

Jonny Delgado

by (4 months ago)
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gremlin8 Avatar

Has a 50s greaser look about him which I find very sexy. I believe he broke into stage acting at one time. Some of this Muscle Gallery shoot was very good indeed, albeit spoiled in parts by attempts at fancy editing.

by gremlin8 (4 months ago)

the good old days before tattoos made men ugly

by (5 months ago)
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