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Gerardo Repollo

by (1 week ago)
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He has the most amazing cock. Had pvt show with him where his GF sucked him off.

by (2 weeks ago)
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Not so interesting. More like the saying "never say never."

Ass is ok but too hairy for my liking. Nothing really to write home about.

by (2 weeks ago)
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aurvev Avatar

A few years ago I read some of his comments in a bodybuilding forum where he said he would not do nudity and the like for money. He did not sound prejudiced but more like worried about public image. Interesting to see him do it now.

Bodybuilding is an expensive hobby so I bet that is why he decided to do it...

Nice ass anyway.

by aurvev (2 weeks ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

He has got such a great ass.

by gremlin8 (2 weeks ago)