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Like a big ass and strong legs? Just imagine the situation.

asumahero Avatar

Thats Michael Quadzilla

he still do Camshows and Escorts in UK not sure if he still goes by name of Michael Quadzilla,but you can find him on Flex4cash

by asumahero (2 weeks ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

I am afraid I cant answer you on that. To be honest it was someones post from the past, but one of the many which as far as I know have been deleted. I happened to have retained a copy and it still gets me going. So I decided to share.

by gremlin8 (2 weeks ago)

is this a cam session? is this guy doing cams? any details on how to reach him?

by (2 weeks ago)
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Ass looks huge and powerful

by (2 weeks ago)
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