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I love this guy

red_coat Avatar

yeah he needs to be loud when 10 cocks enter him and fill the void not now

by red_coat (3 weeks ago)
mim Avatar

Love that super small blue posers under his shorts. That totally turn me on. Who else is into that?

by mim (3 weeks ago)

Yes, silence is golden, especially when compared to the homophobic, knuckle-dragging, alfa-male crap that is unfortunately too popular on cam videos. Then again, the greatest feature of any device that plays video is a working volume control!

by (3 weeks ago)
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mjolesko Avatar

Speak? Have you heard some of these men trying to be dominating and sounding idiotic? No, sometimes silence is golden

by mjolesko (3 weeks ago)
muswre Avatar

great bod - but yes - boring - needs to SPEAK - be verbally dominating and cocky!!!

by muswre (3 weeks ago)
gerard2 Avatar

Yes, the guy is nice but I find almost all these webcams sessions rather boring... nothing worth a good scenario!

by gerard2 (3 weeks ago)

oh FUCK yes!!!! please post more navyboy!! been waiting forever for more of him

by (3 weeks ago)
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