Muscle Logan

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  • 20eagles

    5 months ago

    Just the most supreme physically-ripped sculpture! His greatness and powerful presence defies any challenge. He is the God of Gods!

  • bulllover

    6 months ago

    sooo hot

  • iloveass19

    6 months ago

    Perfect. Almost made me pray and thank god when he took off those trunks.

  • johntlewis

    6 months ago

    Beautiful in body, posing and chemistry.

  • jaycutlerf

    6 months ago

    Beautiful Thick Bodybuilder Ass love the Tan those Huge Gorgeous Biceps Oh baby let me suck that dick for you

  • reff70

    6 months ago

    Incredibly handsome and a phenomenal body!!!!

  • famoustim

    6 months ago

    What an incredibly beautiful muscleman, perfect!

  • mecos

    7 months ago

    His skin is like silk. HOT

  • mcgeemcgee

    7 months ago

    Good looking stud!

  • lilcunt

    7 months ago

    He goes by Logan The Future Guthrie