Pro German BB Sasha Fucked By Admirer

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  • nickkk

    7 days ago

    musclequest1983 the meat sack happens to another human being. The guy could be his boyfriend for all you know. What you just said is disgusting , very shallow, and typical of a lot of gay men who think they are more than what they actually are.

  • musclequest1983

    1 week ago

    Seriously? All that massive size and obvious strength paired with some useless old meatsack that has never seen a gym? Bloody waste of time!! This muscleBEAST needs to be with other muscle to challenge his physical superiority! Not squandered on this bloody tosser!!!

  • billboardbuff

    1 week ago


  • buddyforfun

    1 week ago

    German bodybuilder and escort sasha

  • bbmusclepig

    1 week ago

    hot....hungry massive musclepig displaying his hole for raw cock to fuel him up. flexing huge to get cocks leaking to breed him like the beast he is, craving stud DNA to mass up on.

  • brothersun87

    1 week ago

    Wow, definitely wanna see more of him