Carlo Masi drinks his milk

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The HOT Carlo Masi workouts and finish it doing something really good!! Do you like to drink that too??

Would love to suck all his man cuuum out and rub it all over me!!! Stud is HOT !!

by (2 years ago)
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realish786 Avatar

wow man, what a fucken alpha this dude is ayy. nice broad shoulders, solid deltoids, big biis and triis, and strong, hairy pecs...This sexyfucker is oozing testosterone all over. Its kinda cool watchin a fellow muscle bro jack off. REAL men that want muscle gains should always eat their own loads #brotein

by realish786 (3 years ago)
rickscoat Avatar

I love a guy eating his own cum. Really hot.

by rickscoat (8 years ago)

...Yet another Italian God. Italy and Bensonhurst, Brooklyn are heavens on Earth.

by BIGJOENYC (8 years ago)
bgus555 Avatar

feed me Carlo!

by bgus555 (11 years ago)
baracine Avatar

This was apparently shot by a wealthy Italian fetishist.

by baracine (11 years ago)