Carlo Masi drinks his milk

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  • 1rc1

    1 Year ago

    Carlos has been a long time favorite in many ways. Built just right- not overdone in muscle or endowment-- very in proportion. His cums are even moderate! Usually a bit heavy on fur but I enjoy that. He's no young man anymore but video keeps forever appealing.

  • Wakka-24

    4 years ago

    yo podria ayudarle con eso

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    Would love to suck all his man cuuum out and rub it all over me!!! Stud is HOT !!

  • realish786

    8 years ago

    wow man, what a fucken alpha this dude is ayy. nice broad shoulders, solid deltoids, big biis and triis, and strong, hairy pecs...This sexyfucker is oozing testosterone all over. Its kinda cool watchin a fellow muscle bro jack off. REAL men that want muscle gains should always eat their own loads #brotein

  • rickscoat

    13 years ago

    I love a guy eating his own cum. Really hot.


    13 years ago

    ...Yet another Italian God. Italy and Bensonhurst, Brooklyn are heavens on Earth.

  • bgus555

    16 years ago

    feed me Carlo!

  • baracine

    16 years ago

    This was apparently shot by a wealthy Italian fetishist.