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muscled guy

bradbolt Avatar

why can t I see the video???

by bradbolt (3 years ago)
mayena Avatar

These clips are from 2005-2006 during that period he was a Chippendale dancer, reason for his time away,

by mayena (3 years ago)
jimmy2 Avatar

fukn the best ass ever.

by jimmy2 (7 years ago)
nici1804 Avatar

Thing I LOVE best about this guy is that he is all about the ass....grrrr....who cares what he's packing at the front, that bubble ass is hypnotic. what i wouldn't give to sleep on those dirty pillows.

by nici1804 (7 years ago)
tonedom1 Avatar

Best ass, yes. Must not have a big cock since he hides it with his hand for almost 30 minutes.

by tonedom1 (7 years ago)
red13th Avatar

best ass ever! Jesse is gorgeous, anyone knows where I can find more?

by red13th (7 years ago)
roctawser Avatar

I love Jesse's big muscle ass. If anybody knows where I can see more of him, please, please let me know!!

by roctawser (7 years ago)
trent25 Avatar

damn! where did he get that booty

by trent25 (7 years ago)
MuscleDave2007 Avatar

This guy's bicep-veins are AMAZING!

by MuscleDave2007 (7 years ago)