Trio Muscle Worship Gay

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  • beefymscl

    1 Year ago

    I believe the name of the 1st guy (wearing the orange tank top) is Attila Szabo -- who also goes by the name Marko Paynca, and Avery Sebes, and Csaba Zsiros (busy guy). Don't know the names of the other 2, but at least having this 1st name should help out in any further searching.


    5 months ago

    That's right, the guy with the orange tank top is Csaba Zsiros, the dude with long hair is Andrés Navarro (aka Tibor Ford -Playgirl-, Yuri Prange & Peter Roth), finally the third is Attila Sipos (aka Peter Tomanek). They all worked on Kristen Bjorn movies. I wonder, does anyone know what this video is called and where to find it without a watermark? Thanks and regards to everyone!