Marco beats his meat

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The uber-humpy Marco Majewski (better known in the US as 'Kurt Beckmann') has had a colorful career in his native Germany--from runway modeling to bodybuilding, doing porn (str8, naturlich!), stripping, and, since 2009, as 'Germany's first nude singer,' Jonny Bombastic. For a stud so mindful of his str8 credentials, he has decidedly eclectic musical tastes--since his own version of 'YMCA' is among his biggest hits. That makes perfect sense, of course, when you learn (from his website) that you can book him for your next slumber party to strip out of any number of get-ups: cop (German or American), marine, pizza boy, hardhat, cowboy, devil, and something called 'gentleman.' Frankly, a gentleman is the last thing I'd want Marco to be when I book him. I'd like him looking more or less the way he does here--maybe humming his most recent hit--'Lucky Lips'--as I have my way with him.

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you can pvt. him on he is really friendly and shoots a huge load. bud

by boyd3 (6 years ago)
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This guy is sex on legs. Wunderbar !

by gremlin8 (6 years ago)
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perfect butt

by msavitt (6 years ago)
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Got a big suckable dick on him!! I'd be trying to get all that down my throat.

by mjolesko (6 years ago)