cell sex (Rick Hammersmith and Peter Axel)

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Rick Hammersmith and Peter Axel

bbmusclepig Avatar

spit, sweat, cum, muscle, this is hot real hardcore musclesex. only thing better would be raw fuck and growing that musclepig on his roid cum. there needs to be a LOT more musclepig porn out there!

by bbmusclepig (4 months ago)
gappythree Avatar

Horny Horny HORNY. Its great to see a big BOI like Rick Hammersmith taking it like a MAN and enjoying it. Peter Axels "axle" is so straight so being a curved cock man I think I have been converted...

by gappythree (5 years ago)
josephviv101 Avatar

Also do agree with Mjolesko's comment about that spitting. It is disgusting. Besides that , Rick is HOT!!!! except for the roid's acne

by josephviv101 (6 years ago)
MuscleYogi Avatar

Rick Hammersmith is a MIGHTY FINE muscle-sex Artist!!! Thanks for posting this. It is OUTSTANDING.

by MuscleYogi (6 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

This is a perfect posting for muscle dudes: hot bodies, sweat, posing, nasty talk, jockstraps, piggy bodybuilders. The emphasis on muscle never stops--even when they are fucking. Thanks for posting!

by JakeJock (6 years ago)
gremlin8 Avatar

Well, from me this gets 5 stars, and I'd give it more if I could. This is muscle grunt sex as I like it. Two very hot men.

by gremlin8 (6 years ago)
bacchusmbt Avatar

Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Fuck yeh!

by bacchusmbt (6 years ago)
JockWalt Avatar

Spitting is generation marker. As JFK said -- in a very different context -- "The torch has passed to a new generation." Young gay men cannot safely inseminate anally, so they spit. Freud, although often contradicted, made a similar point about cigars.

by JockWalt (6 years ago)
mjolesko Avatar

What is this thing with spitting? Too disgusting.

by mjolesko (6 years ago)