Gabriel Cross - UK Muscleboy

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  • nikboi

    6 years ago

    his name is gabriel ross he is from uk but could have oz background. see my vids if ya wanna see him in a hot sex fight

  • psustud4331

    8 years ago

    that's just too much... that body, those glutes and that BIG cock... I want to pound the daylight out of him and then get pounded by him!

  • Mulder

    8 years ago

    H O T Body with Babyface. wow

  • Nol

    8 years ago

    100% stud, even with a textbook unfashionable hairstyle(!)
    His accent is English btw, listen at around 04:30

  • arabstrap

    8 years ago

    that ass is begging to get fucked

  • StevenT1

    8 years ago

    No wonder his right arm looked more developed than his left!

  • MuscleDave2007

    8 years ago

    Bet that felt REAL good!

  • jamieh1974

    8 years ago

    He sounds Australian to me - there's a big difference

  • msavitt

    8 years ago

    most of his weight is in his dick