Muscle Massage Duo: Killian &

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Real life muscle couple Adam Killian and Mitchell Rock display their sculpted bodies in a sensual massage session atop the Manifest Studio loft over San Diego. Mitchell Rock lays on the table while Adam kneads the muscles of his boyfriend. Intercut is a private interlude featuring Mitchell Rock. Two inked and sexy studs on display for you pleasure!

trojanboy Avatar

Killian is way hotter.

by trojanboy (1 year ago)
blond-for-alpha Avatar

When my BF met him years ago, he always was talking about his "Ex Michtell Rock". mut be a while ago that video... Still hot. More Mitchell then Adam in my view-"

by blond-for-alpha (2 years ago)
mim Avatar

Wow. Very hot guy!

by mim (3 years ago)
nipman2 Avatar

Mitchell Rock is fucking perfection.

by nipman2 (4 years ago)