Muscle Worship on Jungle Patrol

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A hot trio of military muscle dudes take a break from patrolling the wilds of the jungle to get into some serious muscle worship. The center of attention is the hot bodybuilder, and the highlight of the clip features one soldier stud mouth on each of the man nips on his massive pecs. Don't know who these dudes are, but they are worth a look.

bikerdad69 Avatar

Fucking HOT!!

by bikerdad69 (2 years ago)
muzzles Avatar

glad the mossys didnt have a feast on these guys:)

by muzzles (7 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

Thanks for the information. I'll check out the entire vid.

by JakeJock (7 years ago)
gappythree Avatar

This clip has got the lot. Heat, Sweat, Pecs, Nipples and threre of the thickest cocks going..... Imagine being "Banged" by each of these in turn or two at a time???

by gappythree (7 years ago)
jaytano Avatar

Kristen Bjorn's 'Jungle Heat' - great title from one of porn's most prolific and exotic producers....

by jaytano (7 years ago)