Vintage Marco Rossi 3

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Marco Rossi shows off his muscle wearing just a loin cloth in this vintage clip that takes place in a toilet during a big party with dudes just outside the door wondering where the hottest muscle stud has gone. Surprise ending!

n2hotmen Avatar

Does anyone know anything about his whereabouts today?

by n2hotmen (3 years ago)
JakeJock Avatar

For me, it is a surprise--a shock, really--that anybody making it with Marco Rossi would get dressed and leave him alone. I wouldn't. Would you?

by JakeJock (5 years ago)
jaytano Avatar

Perhaps a "happy ending," but not much of a surprise... ;) Never saw this clip before; thanks! Marco looked great...

by jaytano (5 years ago)
Chestlover Avatar

What surprise ending?

by Chestlover (5 years ago)