From the Golden Age of Trade 13

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  • bfurryman

    5 years ago

    Pat had a great pair of nuggets!! Nice ass motion as he moved one leg at a time while bending over. To me he's a new face - and a welcome one!

  • JakeJock

    7 years ago

    Thanks for posting. Never saw this guy before, so thank you for the introduction. As usual, your commentary is enlightening and gives us all some perspective. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge.

  • samsex

    7 years ago

    Sexy, sexy guy. Body & equipment (the balls especially) are excellent, but the real turn-on for me is the sensuality in his face. (Wish we could hear his voice! Any lip-readers here?)

  • xychromo

    7 years ago

    The correct aspect/ratio is 4:3, so after hitting the start button, please switch the player if necessary.