muscle hunk fucked by muscle bear (Carlo Masi and Zak Spears)

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Carlo Masi and Zak Spears

bikerdad69 Avatar

Hot. As. Fuck. One of the all-time best!!

by bikerdad69 (4 months ago)
SteadfastXXL Avatar

Hot. too they are not wearing posing trunks the beginning.

by SteadfastXXL (11 months ago)
VegasJack Avatar

The older Zak gets the hotter he gets! I'm dead fucking serious I wish he would write his autobiography - I think he's get a lot of interesting things to say!!!

by VegasJack (2 years ago)
stlouis26 Avatar

One of the finest cock to swallow for mutual delightful pleasure

by stlouis26 (2 years ago)

that masi guy has gly roided bitchtits

by (3 years ago)
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dubbautee Avatar

yeah shit too staged and fake. not a turn-on

by dubbautee (3 years ago)
dbon123 Avatar

Just saw Zack buying a lottery ticket at the supermarket in west hollywood. I was to shy to say hello:(

by dbon123 (4 years ago)
ThickRick Avatar

This is about the hottest fuck I could conceive. A dream team. Zak is my age and I have always sworn I would meet him some day. I dunno where anybody comes up with "all so staged," since all porn is in staged situations. This one has chemistry galore and both of these big jacked motherfuckers clearly enjoyed their encounter with each other. Both these guys are up at that rarefied level of gay porn where I'd call each of them "legendary."

by ThickRick (4 years ago)

I would like to see more Muscle on Muscle fucking. Theres lots of muscle/twink which I hate I just like watching the BIG BOYS going at it.

by (4 years ago)
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mim Avatar

I dont like that kind of porn. all so staged. nothing is real.

by mim (4 years ago)