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Hot muscular guy flexes & poses

Can't believe my bro did this video. We should have made one together...hardcore. Vers, raw, oral and swallow. I have a 9 inch dildo I use to violate my boy pussy while watching this. Makes me so hard and leak buckets. It kills me to keep this lust to myself all this time.

by (1 month ago)
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trojanboy Avatar

Fuckin A. I lasted a few minutes but had to jerk. That's a great effect for this spunk to have on a guy.

by trojanboy (1 year ago)
auntiero Avatar

I love Brandon Myles White. He doesn't even get naked here, yet it's one of the hottest Legend Men videos. Shame that he never did j/o,though, but I am thrilled to have seen this!

by auntiero (4 years ago)
sagi1069 Avatar

good muscle man

by sagi1069 (4 years ago)
Musclejacker Avatar

I can't get through ten seconds of this before needing to jerk off.

by Musclejacker (4 years ago)