Move Me to Tears - FULL!

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  • chrisnl

    6 years ago

    You are right about the dork Phreddie. He has fucked up loads of vids for me by pushing himself in. Lebrun is almost too good to be true. Thanks for posting.

  • aquaterra

    7 years ago

    Brad`s real name is Philippe Lebrun from Montreal who is a fitness competitor and model. He is so awesomely hot.....

  • phreddie

    7 years ago

    'Brad' is what they call him on Maskurbate, although once you hear him talking in Quebecois (in a voice just as sexy as he is), the US-style name is genuinely silly.
    But Pascal, the website master, is a dork about pretty nearly everything, his biggest fault being a compulsion to include himself in too many of his clips, all but ruining some of them. But XYChromo has just posted another 'Brad' clip--"Moving on"--where he has been neatly excised from the proceedings.

  • Anonymous

    7 years ago

    Who is that?

  • johntlewis

    7 years ago


  • Mulder

    7 years ago