Bicep Fucked

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  • Foursquare

    6 months ago

    Muscle Matt. Haven't seen him in a while. Wow.

  • Cum4muscle

    2 years ago

    I’m a bodybuilder and I’ve had hot muscle guys jack their huge cocks on my forearm and my huge bicep peaks and when they Cum all over my huge bicep, fuck I can’t hold off, I lick that Protein Cum from my bicep and after like two strokes from my rock hard cock, I squirt geysers of Cum all over my pecs, face, biceps. Fuck, I love hot boys like in this video with such hot gorgeous bicep peaks and smooth hard pecs, and those muscles dripping with hot Cum!!!

  • BaronBoner444

    2 years ago

    I did it to this guy on the beach for the first time last summer. The dude came within 6 strokes!!! LOL!


    2 years ago

    Would love to fuck your biceps!

  • realish786

    3 years ago

    The way I see it, in a mutual muscle worship session there are 3 levels/tiers of appreciation to show your buddy how impressed you are by his Muscle Gains:
    1. Admiring by Hand (feeling, squeezing, rubbing, massaging),
    2. Admiring with your Mouth (kissing, licking, sucking), and
    3.THE ULTIMATE LEVEL Admiring by Cock (pressing against, rubbing, slapping with, smearing precum on, fcuking)

  • benoitmax

    3 years ago

    I’ll armwrestle him anytime!!!

  • Dorayaki26

    4 years ago

    who's the guy doing the flexing? such wonderful well-defined biceps.

  • musclebull1

    6 years ago

    he can kub me with his other bicep at any time

  • musclecrush

    8 years ago

    I would cum instantly if my cock was inbetween that forearm and that bicep!!

  • Anonymous

    9 years ago

    Totally agrre - simple rubbing the cock against the bicep does not provide much pleasure. Squeezing and crushing it does!! Still its great to have at least ONE fricken video of this fetish on the web. Let's see if other amateur people emulate it.

  • Anonymous

    9 years ago

    i think this is dangerous to you cock


    2 years ago

    No It won't be cuz the cock will be just as hard as the bucep