Leather GOD

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Joshua Armstrong Custom Video I’ve got leather gloves on, leather thong on & leather motorcycle boots on. Right now I feel 10 times the man ANYONE else could be. Be a good boy, I’ve got something to show you.. You’l definitely like this. The feel of leather among my body gets me aggressive, there’s not an inch of my character that doesn’t want to TAKE CONTROL. See my bulging muscles, bulging body hair and bulging COCK up close as I start to get really excited. Pat wanted me to jerk off with my leather gloves, and by fuck do I enjoy it.. The feel, the taste the smell all of it combined keeps me aggressive, hard & horny. Pat asked that I lick the cum clean from my leather gloves.. It’s safe to say I give him what he wanted. Full Video 10:45 (Mins:Sec)

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