Billy Herrington Pecs Worship Muscle Sex

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three muscle guys sex

MuscleDave2007 Avatar

One sexy vid! The kid really pops bigtime at 3:30 ....... AMAZING! 'Wish he'd done it on Billy pecs !

by MuscleDave2007 (4 years ago)
imago Avatar

Yeah, it's obvious how heated up that guy was with his cock so hard! Came after watching him spray everywhere...!

by imago (8 years ago)
Tuffy Avatar

Not only is Billy H a hunky muscle guy, but he did a mean hand job on the young guy, who came all over the place, to the surprise of Billy it appeared !

by Tuffy (8 years ago)
barronmissing Avatar

Billy is so fucking awesome! That chest is HUGE!

by barronmissing (8 years ago)