Bodybuilder Fantasy: Oiled Bed Wrestling

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In this second part, huge bodybuilders Orso, Pablo, and Augusto begin oiling each other's massive muscles after flexing in the mirror. Oiled and stripped to ass revealing g-strings, the three titans take it to the bed for some fun wrestling and roughhousing. But all that muscle on muscle starts to really get the big guys turned on, and soon g-strings are getting rubbed as big (and I mean BIG) bodybuilder dicks pop the full and unbelievable jerk off session in the final part here:

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Why those racists comments?

by (2 years ago)
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Dehumanzing and racist comments by warped scum like this anon really grind my gears. We're here for muscles and dicks, not dick attitudes.

by yriah (2 years ago)

Yeah sure these south american fucks are as hot as hell but any Americano could buy their services real cheap. Hell, you can fuck a Venezuelan these days for the price of a 6" Subway combo. In fact, they'd rather have the combo than the cash, cuz they are starving. And Brazilians? Hell, Zinka's gonna wipe out the entire next generation of them!

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