Ginger Muscle J/O

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I want to dance with him too.

samsex Avatar

You can & should see the markedly clearer 'Moving on,' but be aware that because the search engine here is so crappy, even after entering the exact title, you have to go to the third page of all the clips it brings up before you find it!

by samsex (2 years ago)
xychromo Avatar

This is footage I edited from start to finish (soundtrack & all) from a Maskurbate clip, and posted here in May, 2015, as "Moving on." (The archive copy, btw, has a much clearer image.) So, I'm curious, Solar, if you found it elsewhere--on some 'hub' or 'tube'--since many clips edited for MMV seem to end up in such aggregator sites. (The hot model is Montreal bb Philippe Lebrun, known on Maskurbate as 'Brad.')

by xychromo (2 years ago)