Buck Andrews: Buckin' Hot!

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New legend men muscle stud Buck Andrews is masculinity personified. A ruggedly sexy bearded face compliments a ripped muscle bull body that looks harder than brick and is coated with a layer of fur. Buck's hairy chest is particularly hot as two big tattoo encircled nipples top it off spectacularly. Some flexing in his underwear before the manly stud strips it off to reveal a thick dick and big mushroom head that could only be fitting on such a body. Buck's girthy rod is as granite hard as the rest of him as he plays with it, leading to more to cum in the second part...http://mymusclevideo.com/61787/buck-andrews-bang-for-your-buck/

AIFSGuy45 Avatar

Impressive body but unimpressive orgasm and cum shot. He didn't build up the heat like you think he would.

by AIFSGuy45 (2 years ago)
biceptaper Avatar

A younger and shorter version of the super hot wrestler, Matt Morgan. And built very much the same.
This man will go very far with his looks, size and attitude
. HOT!

by biceptaper (2 years ago)
mmafan27 Avatar

defintely my type of guy

by mmafan27 (2 years ago)
monsieurunivers2 Avatar

super hot

by monsieurunivers2 (2 years ago)