Hung Surfer Hunk vs Latino Stud

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Cocky latin stud Cruze dominates blonde surfer hunk Frank McCullen in this wrestling clip. Cruze ties Frank in the ropes for a mean leg spladdle. Cruze's dick growing visibly excited, he sheds trunks to flaunt his sizable endowment in Frank's face. But stripping Frank holds a surprise for Cruze, as the surfer is packing a spare surfboard in his trunks ! Not used to coming up short in the dick measuring contest, Cruze is enraged and beats down Frank. A hangman neckbreaker from Cruze sees Frank hanging 10 between his legs as he suffers in the nude. And perhaps with a huge dick comes huge pride, as Frank somehow refuses to submit to the excruciating hold! Cruze releases the hung hunk and angrily throws him into the turnbuckle. Uh-oh, Cruze is pissed! At this point the cocky little heel is out to emasculate Frank, all swollen 9 inches of him!

voy4u Avatar

WHOOOEEEE, THAT SURFER WAS HUNG!!!!!! Could not keep my off either ones big dicks.

by voy4u (6 months ago)
mim Avatar

Very hot cock of the surfer and great tan line :-)

by mim (1 year ago)