Daniel Shoneye

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Flexing nude

I want him to shove that big black cock all the way up my tight white virgin butt and shoot a load of cum in my ass. After that, he can sit on my face and I'll spread his ass cheeks apart, shove my tongue up his ass and give him a long, slow, deep hard tongue fuck. When he's about ready to cum again from y eating his butt he can lift my legs up over his shoulders, shove his cock up my ass again and shoot another load of cum in me.

by (1 month ago)
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brettmycles Avatar

His butt at 0:42 ... you could spend hours looking for a hair ...

by brettmycles (2 months ago)
matsudaseiko Avatar

he's cute as a button, SO VERY SEXY TOO ! ^0^

by matsudaseiko (2 months ago)
Legluver Avatar

I wish he would get hard.

by Legluver (2 months ago)
big_appetite Avatar

Yes... I'll help him apply oil everywhere and anywhere

by big_appetite (2 months ago)
PornoStuff1 Avatar

I really wish that Mr. Shoneye had applied baby oil to his lower body, as well.

by PornoStuff1 (2 months ago)