The Original Big Max Private Shoot

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  • RC

    8 months ago

    I had this VHS tape years ago. Sam competed in the 1983 and 1984 Mr. America bodybuilding contests. Sam is in almost contest shape for this video.

  • mim

    8 months ago

    Hot massive guy. For some reason, I like those fintage guys even a bit more the the current ones.


    8 months ago

    I like them too. They were a bit more natural and rough-hewn. But I still like some modern guys, too.

  • newrobbie

    8 months ago

    56:21 look @ those fuckin quads and THAT calve. i love calves. that is a perfect split ridged calve diamond. Hail!


    6 months ago

    Exactly. Got me so fucking hard. Love the quad/calves/crotch shots

  • Mattsboy3

    9 months ago

    Yes, this is the video Cli-Max, with French's nauseating voice making the comments. Aaaah, Sam. I knew him well, as a friend, not professionally. He was very brilliant and erudite, and a lovely man. He loved opera, and I sometimes got him tickets. Going to dinner with him was an event, because the waiters would be at our table non-stop, and people would walk right up and ask to feel his arms. An incredible man.


    8 months ago

    Thanks for answering. Requiescat in pace.

  • blond-for-alpha

    2 years ago

    wow. that is a hot guy to worship.

  • musclemass230

    3 years ago

    amazing that this still exists! thanks for sharing