Peter Russell - Bodybuilder In Control

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  • yanget

    1 Month ago

    I watched his FB page.OMG WHY I WOULD LIKE HIM, SUCH A EXTREMIST??!!!!
    (I am sorry to spam a comment.)

  • nate3030

    1 Month ago

    Do not support Peter Russell (AKA Anthony Paitaris), he is using is body to earn money from us gays and then use it to spend on his right wing politics. His facebook page is littered with racist rhetoric that I will not spend my money toward no matter how sexy he may be!

  • Hernando0802

    8 months ago

    when another man needs a serious hard on, jack and spurt off, this is the dude to come to. that rock hard penis pointing up while he flexes is enough to make another man's penis flare with man to man pleasure and climax to spurting and shooting semen like a sudden, brief rain,, just absolutely STUNNING! WOW!!!!!!